Kicked by cold

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I believed that my body was slowly coping with cold, altitude and all that were extreme patterns of nature, which is essential for conquering some adventures of mine. Well, Uttarakhand has become my second home, and home seems to be … Continued

Sayanora- Winter Migrants

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        In last three years of Doha, I noticed this was the longest winter. It’s April, and the spring blooms on one side, with still the chill around, it’s overly pleasant. When am tired, I go for … Continued

Malabar Parakeet

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Most often, wildlife photography is patience and luck. However, in my experience I consider myself to be soaking and getting lost rather that making those dream images. Well to add, it takes practice too. There are times when I just … Continued

Collared Kingfisher

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What looked like a large gathering of pockets of wonders, was a treasure of hundreds of islands over the blue and turquoise waters. The landing at Port Blair airport opened to the sky, and the green that spread to the … Continued

Fisher Days

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Most times nature has broken the flawed laws or patterns I have formed, and my counter with the Pied Kingfisher during my early visits to Uttarakhand was a classic example of one such experience. Until I came across the striking … Continued

Great Barbet

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Steaming Maggi noodles at higher altitude, especially in the Himalayas is something which the stomach craves. Any time during the day, Maggi noodle, especially prepared by the roadside is a treat for the soul. It was mid-day, and at 6000ft, … Continued

Jorbeer – Raptors Playground

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From the magical land of Tal Chhapar, I had the opportunity to visit Jorbeer. Edged in Bikaner, in Rajasthan India is Jorbeer, which happens to be carcass dumping ground. Tal Chhapar was going fantastic, and Jorbeer was added adventure. As … Continued

Memories of Myzornis

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I keep going back to the mountains. I am in love and surrendered. Well, the Himalayas can be testing at times. To me, Sikkim was a little easier to crack, though the weather became slightly unpredictable with wind chills and … Continued

The Snow Wonders

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Around the same time last year, I was introduced to Snow Pigeons in Munsiyari. I was captivated by these wonders as they flew against the blue sky in flock. Found in higher altitudes, they are complete blessed wonders of the … Continued

Smaller Wonder from Tal Chhapar

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If you have been reading my blog regularly, I am sure you would have known of Tal Chhapar by now. Well, if not, you can get started here. Well, this is a raptor paradise, known for eagles, vultures, falcons and … Continued

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