Memories of Myzornis

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I keep going back to the mountains. I am in love and surrendered. Well, the Himalayas can be testing at times. To me, Sikkim was a little easier to crack, though the weather became slightly unpredictable with wind chills and … Continued

The Snow Wonders

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Around the same time last year, I was introduced to Snow Pigeons in Munsiyari. I was captivated by these wonders as they flew against the blue sky in flock. Found in higher altitudes, they are complete blessed wonders of the … Continued

Smaller Wonder from Tal Chhapar

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If you have been reading my blog regularly, I am sure you would have known of Tal Chhapar by now. Well, if not, you can get started here. Well, this is a raptor paradise, known for eagles, vultures, falcons and … Continued

Gems from the Desert

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The morning was not too cold and not warm. It was perfect for an outdoor date in the desert. With shore on one side and barren lands where the shrubs were blooming on the other, it felt like spring was … Continued

Cormorant Colony

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I was looking forward to the second weekend at Al Thakira. A different scene. I saw some activity by the blue-green sea and began to walk towards it. I took slow steps and found a chilled colony of Great Cormorants.  … Continued

Solitary Reapers from Al Thakira Mangroves

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Early rising has become a practice in the family. It has been great winter weekends in Qatar. The winter migrants are slowly landing on the shores and farms. An hour drive from Doha took us to Al Thakira mangroves, Al … Continued

The Attitude Guy

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His colours grab attention from a bronzed hill, or a snow clad mountain. He is silent and visible at times. Sometimes he hides his beauty amidst greens. He is found in dense patches, or beneath clear skies. He strolls, and … Continued

I am Here – Indian Pika

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This one’s home! Heaven it was. When I was taking a stroll to keep myself warm and began to walk haphazardly on the vivid trails of Sikkim, I suddenly felt some activity around. Covered by dew filled rocks, lush green … Continued

Mountains and Feathers

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Corbett was the place where my Canon 100-400 mm lens came alive. I was itching to get back to Uttarakhand and shoot. There is excitement in variety, and this place is nurturing the bird watching interest that I picked up … Continued

Trails with Flowers

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One challenge I have been facing over a couple of years is the flights, especially the international ones. But then, the eternal love affair I have with greens, blues and browns give me all the energy I require to keep … Continued

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