My Canon, My Companion

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It was early 2013 I guess.  My husband and I decided it’s time the family had a DSLR.  After some research, we decided to go for Canon 1100d with 18-55 mm kit lens.  Well, I can’t more than agree that … Continued

Abandoned in Abundance

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I recollect a conversation that I had with one of the cab drivers in Nice, France. We were driving along the Mediterranean coast. I was in a happy state to watch the gulls fly across the beach when the snow-draped … Continued

Lion Tailed Macaque from Valparai

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I recollect stopping by monkeys whichever place I traveled. Even before I got into jungles and photography, monkeys made me curious. Sometimes they felt like a reflection- trust me, that’s a very honest me! Slowly along with birds, my wish … Continued

Raptors: Facets of Osprey

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Bhadra tiger reserve in Karnataka is one place which is promising when it comes to wild cats, sloth bears, deer population and of course feathers. This place is tucked in besides the Bhadra River adjoining the reservoir and hence an … Continued

Raptors: Crested Serpent Eagle

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Eagles – When I begin to share my journey with birds, I always go back to my first encounter with the species. To me even repeats of the same species, is a new experience, but in a different perch and … Continued

Raptors: Red Necked Falcon

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My first visit to Tal Chhapar was unforgettable in many ways. How data and memory are significant is something I learned here. Well, a few who were with me during this trip can connect to this. And that way each … Continued

Raptors: Common Kestrel

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I notice symptoms of winter months in Qatar – Where the dawn is lazier, and the dusk is quicker. The sun begins to disappear as early in the evening as 5 pm- 5:30 pm, which cuts down day light by … Continued

Raptors Time

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Karnataka is blessed with some thick jungles, rightly hidden from the mainland. Apart from the population of tigers and leopards, the avian fauna is adequate, since geographically it falls on the Western Ghats. As a learner and a lover of … Continued

When Mountains Call

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A few years back I decided to walk through the Himalayas little by little. I was kind of recovering from the poorest state of health. It was nothing, just the side effects of caffeine, sedentary lifestyle, lethargy and few months … Continued

Endemics from Malabar

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The Western Ghats or the Malabar, Himalayas and Andaman are few hotspots for endemic species from India. (Endemic- Species that are found in one particular geographical region not exceeding 50000 sq km) Let us look at two of them this … Continued

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