Crimson Beauty

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Crimson BeautyMultiple attempts went in vein. The first glimpse of this bird and the search after that caused me surprise. A crimson chest against a green backdrop cannot be missed. However it was not as easy as perceived. Malabar Trogan has a crimson underbelly and has a slaty-black head with an olive-brown back. In females, the crimson is absent and the olive runs across. It also has a small blue ring covering the eyes. However, it’s shy and remains perched and silent on any possible threats or alerts. They feed on insects and fruits.

In those moments of emptiness and search, I am soaked by the warmth of nature. As I went around with my gear, I just saw something red somewhere on one of the topmost branches of a slim tree. I stepped back. There is no choice but to be observant to get a glimpse of these beauties. Well, the wait paid off handsomely. Record shot of Malabar Trogon and I hope to click more of them.

  • Species name Malabar Trogon – Harpactes fasciatus
  • Place of shot – Thattekad, Kerala
  • Season- November 2014