Emerald from the Andaman Islands

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Sun was settling on the forehead and lunch was on cards. Most of us assembled at the dining hall covered by tall trees and shrubs at sharp 1 pm in Havelock. Discussions and talks began as we tried to recap the endemics that we may get a glimpse of during our tour of Andaman. There is a healing effect to talks during our meal times, and later, around the dining table.  Well, I was simply falling in love with the place and it was unstoppable.

The roti, pulses and rice along with garden fresh salad were promptly served, and I most of the time had my share of lemonade. As we were at the end of our meal, we heard, one of the participants in complete excitement shout out, ‘Andaman Gecko!’ pointing at a tree nearby.

The contrasting brown background made the gecko prominent. The green and the red spots on the slimy skin gave a ‘gem’ effect. And with cameras, we began to silently orbit the tree, for the best sight possible. Andaman day geckos belong to species of geckos and are found only in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. They are often found in coconut and banana trees. They are commonly found moving on fences, huts, and walls as well. They largely feed on a variety of small insects, and invertebrates. Sometimes they are found eating pollen, fruit flies, and crickets.


Here it is, The Andaman day gecko!

Andaman Day Gecko - Havelock Island, Andaman Islands, India

  • Species name Andaman Day Gecko – Phelsuma Andamanmense
  • Place of shoot – Havelock Island, Andaman Islands, India
  • Season – November 2015