A Fresh Note

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Slaty Headed ParakeetI was going back and forth recollecting the birds since it takes a while for the species to get imprinted into my register called the mind. The thought of getting back to noisy roads from chirpy mountains always leaves me paralyzed. This was my last morning in Kaladhungi, after driving back from Munsiyari.

I was busy chasing sunbirds when I saw a group of Slaty Headed Parakeet, a happy bunch flying from one branch to another, munching their morning meal. I was completely switched off to everything else as my eyes stopped at this Juveline Slaty Headed Parakeet. I was awestruck with how the little one was flapping its wings, slowly and adapting to the environment in ways best known only to itself. The juveline moved around like a toddler from one bud to another joyfully.

I stood there, for longer than usual, observing the little one weaning off, thus becoming an independent life.


  • Species name- Slaty headed Parakeet, Psittacula himalayana
  • Place of shot – Kaladhungi , Uttarakhand
  • Season- February, 2016