A Hazy Morning

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BlackbuckMystical is the word when I recollect my safaris over the golden grasslands of Tal Chhapar, Rajasthan. This sanctuary was off my mind but I landed during November 2015. The stars of this place are the blackbucks!

Mornings are a great time to see them in complete action. This place requires continued attempts to get those magical captures. There is so much beauty hidden in this comparatively smaller sanctuary. I was falling in love with magical terrain. Towards the middle of the day, they rest and can often be found in groups as they graze.

Blackbucks have a slender body, sculpted I should say, and are brownish in colour. As they become older, they turn completely black. Both the male and female bucks have a white ring around the eyes. The males have spiral, cylindrical horns. They primarily feed on grass and require abundant water during the day. They love to be in open spaces. During the early years of the 19th century, they were hunted for flesh and skin. In recent times, human occupancy has vastly reduced their presence. Today their population is scattered and they remain threatened.


  • Species name- Blackbuck – Antilope cervicapra.
  • Place of shot – Tal Chhapar, Rajasthan
  • Season- November 2015