Bird Watching – A Start

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For a year I took a Canon 100-400 telephoto lens on rent during weekends to step out and unwind in uncluttered spaces. Like many say, the best way to start looking at nature is ‘backyard’, thanks to terrace gardening and the pots giving green décor in the balconies. Some hope that is. Gone are the sparrows, doves, and parakeets that whistle around the garden. However, a little away from the cities are India’s preserved villages where technology has left minimal or no impact. One such village is Kokkare Bellur less than a hundred kilometers from Bangalore.

Bhraminy kite, kokkare bellurA small narrow road on the left of Bangalore – Mysore highway is Kokkare Bellur.  With a blue backdrop and carpet of paddy fields and coconut trees that run as margin, the rustic texture is a stroke of ecstasy. Bhraminy Kites are found in every corner perched in some of the top branches. Wetland wonders such as painted storks and pelicans are found by the pond as one proceeds further down to the village for which the season is October – March.

Glossy Ibis, Kokkare BellurThe patches of trees,strewn around  makes it perfect to  hang out with woodpeckers, Rose-ringed parakeets, Jungle Babblers, Shrikes, Indian rollers, Common Kingfishers, Hoopoe. And yes they are found all year round. Just around the monsoon and post monsoon is a good time to visit the paddy fields where the black-headed Glossy Ibis is never a miss. And yes egrets flock around with cattle and each season is a picture prefect memory.

Give a break to malls, pack some maddur vada and walk by this place sometime. You may want to switch off from the terrifying traffic!

There are a few more clicks from Kokkare Bellur below…

Indian Pond Heron
Red Wattled Lapwing
Indian Roller