Lion Tailed Macaque from Valparai

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Lion tailed macaque, Valparai, IndiaI recollect stopping by monkeys whichever place I traveled. Even before I got into jungles and photography, monkeys made me curious. Sometimes they felt like a reflection- trust me, that’s a very honest me! Slowly along with birds, my wish to spend time with primates began, early this year.

Mammals ranging from apes, gorillas, lemurs, come into the category of primates. My wish list began with macaques – the old age monkeys. That way I had my first close encounter with Lion-tailed Macaque in Valparai, India.

Lion-tailed Macaques also called the wanderoo are an old age monkey which are endemic to the Western Ghats of South India. Well, I spent a good hour or two with them, just seeing them jumping around from one zone to another.  Well protected with forest guards, they are the heroes of Western Ghats. I found them to be playful, happy but not social. And of course, the ferocious moments of macaque brought my breath to a complete halt. I moved my attention to one of them with an infant. The 100-400 lens caught the macaque’s attention, and the proximity made her turn off me and cuddle the little one, instinctively. I dragged my feet in a semi-circle, and the macaque turned exactly to the opposite side from where I could see her. And I paused, stood there, focused. I couldn’t take my eyes off these incredible but ‘Endangered Species’. These are some warm moments with wildlife that leave me empty.

My best that day of the mom and infant!