That Little Marvel

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Hermit crabIn a place of beauty like Andaman, Havelock is a treasure island. The almost 3-hour sail from Port Blair to Havelock went in no time watching dolphins and flying fish. A little past afternoon on reaching the resort, I was getting lost, watching the blue sky and the turquoise beach, sipping some lemonade, by the shore. Sometimes lost in middle of nowhere is a choice I make rather than to click!

As I began to walk I came across maroon, green, beige, brown colorful wonders that kept crawling/hiding, crawling/hiding over the fine sand. I was just getting used to leeches and as I moved my feet to maneuver through these lovely gems, our tour lead, picked one of them and flipped it into my palm. Though I was a little hesitant to have something creep around my palm, I saw myself beginning to make friends with Hermit Crabs, a new entry to my interest list.

Paguroidea is the family background that they come from, similar to other crabs and shrimps. There are two variants of hermit crabs – one that is completely aquatic and the other which is found in shores. These crabs have a vulnerable abdomen and hence most times they hide in empty snail shells which is their hideout. It is fascinating to watch these creatures move around the fine sand. Also as they grow in size, they need bigger shells and did you know? These crabs land up fighting for choice of shells!

  • Species name- Hermit Crab, Paguroidea
  • Place of shot – Havelock, Andaman
  • Season- November 2015

Andaman and hermit crabs – I will be back soon

Thank you so much Shreeram MV, Darter Photography for designing such an extensive learning tour of Andaman Islands!