When Mountains Call

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A few years back I decided to walk through the Himalayas little by little. I was kind of recovering from the poorest state of health. It was nothing, just the side effects of caffeine, sedentary lifestyle, lethargy and few months of breathlessness for unknown reasons. However, I began to move my body by walking, silenced my mind through meditation and began to focus on the life that existed rather than the one derived. Trust me, it is a token of love one can gift for the self that eventually turns addictive.

One fine day I told my folks, I will be off to Spiti Valley on a photo tour. I wanted to do a drama like that to check my fitness and also test the new entrant, ‘My Canon Buddy’!  After my visit to Jammu Kashmir with family, this place kept calling, the Himalayas that is. I was beginning to fall in love with the nothingness, ever felt.

The feeling in your skull here is different at 12000 ft, especially if it is the first time. It’s a perfect concoction of spin and ache that happens in slow motion. However, the prayer flags swaying at the monastery across the blue sky kept moments alive. The cold cracked, and not to ask the altitude did give me a thought, if I inhaled and exhaled at all. The sun was sharp, cutting through my forehead. It requires a gentle soul to overcome what the body could go through, and hence I was silent, which is scarce in me. With all this, the cameras did their job of clicking all the beauty around.

At that moment, I was reminded that mountains take the final call and the only way is to surrender!

And after the Himalayas, civilization can be a challenge!

My favorite of Spiti Valley!

Spiti Valley