Raptors: Crested Serpent Eagle

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Raptors: Crested Serpent Eagle, Corbett, India.Eagles – When I begin to share my journey with birds, I always go back to my first encounter with the species. To me even repeats of the same species, is a new experience, but in a different perch and environment. Corbett is a place, I have visited only once, but stays special because of the grand entry it gave to me in the world of avian wonders. There is mystery and learning in every corner, and it is a spectacular kingdom of wildlife. Here is where my first eagle encounter was.

Eagles are medium to large size raptors with piercing vision. Also, they are heavily built, giant birds with huge heads and sharp beaks. There are 60 odd species of eagles found largely in Asia and Africa.

The Crested Serpent Eagle, was my first Eagle and raptor. This eagle is a medium sized bird of prey. It is widespread in South East Asia and often considered to be a resident. There are slight color and shape alterations amongst the sub species. They are often sighted in places with dense vegetation which are close to wetland where they hunt frogs, lizards, snakes, etc. As the name indicates, they largely feed on snakes.  They are brown in color with some white spots. They have yellow eyes that are sharp and distinctive. The feet too are yellow in color but lack feathers. They are found perched in one place for a longer time and are active late mornings.

Sharing images clicked at varied locations in India.

  • Species name: Crested serpent eagle, Spilornis cheela
  • Place of shoot – Corbett, India

Raptors: Crested Serpent Eagle. Corbett, India.