Raptors: Facets of Osprey

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Bhadra tiger reserve in Karnataka is one place which is promising when it comes to wild cats, sloth bears, deer population and of course feathers. This place is tucked in besides the Bhadra River adjoining the reservoir and hence an avian wonder, and it is known for the noisy river terns it nests.

My knowledge of this place was limited to terns, tigers and bears. However I was welcomed by another raptor beauty. Well, that moment I realized the importance of a heads up on the place before venturing into it, however without set expectations.

Ospreys, also known as Fish Eagles are a lengthy raptor that is widespread across almost all continents except Antarctica. It is known to adapt well to any habitat provided there is a water body that could be a river or sea. Ospreys are fish eating raptors and can feed on any small to large fishes.

The color is brown on the upperparts with contrasting white on the underparts. Ospreys have sharp vision to watch prey underwater from a good distance. Also the plumage of Ospreys is slightly oily, thus preventing any waterlogging on feathers. It is also said that the nostrils are closeable and that stops water entering through the beak. Ospreys are comparatively thinner and are lengthier. It appears like a jetliner, especially when they are just about to take off!

Ospreys are mentioned in many of world’s mythologies. Also there is a mention of Osprey as, ‘King of birds’ in Jataka and other stories of Buddha.

Raptors: Osprey, Bhadra Tiger Reserve, India.

  • Species name: Osprey, Pandion Haliaetus

•    Place of shoot –   Bhadra tiger reserve, India