Raptors: Red Necked Falcon

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Raptors: Red Necked Falcon Tal Chhapar, Rajasthan, India.My first visit to Tal Chhapar was unforgettable in many ways. How data and memory are significant is something I learned here. Well, a few who were with me during this trip can connect to this. And that way each wildlife adventure accompanied by my camera has been a ‘learning, ah no, unlearning experience.’ In art, there are no short cuts, no perfection. It is ‘work in progress.’  But that has been the whole fun factor for me – the fact art is no end, and is a means to discover oneself.

From a passerine friendly, I became raptor-friendly, here. Well, I thought, it will be an easier game to click and recollect names of the avian giants. All the eagles there looked alike in my eyes. However, I heard names like Imperial, Steppe, and Tawny. But slowly I think I was able to differentiate. Guess, it’s only practice and frequent visits that are the mantra in cracking the puzzle of identifying birds. I am still a slowly phased learner here!

Raptor Series – Red Necked Falcon this week.

Falcons are small – medium sized hunting birds. They are widespread and found across the globe except for the South Pole.

My first glimpse of the bird, ‘Isn’t it small for a raptor?’ And also colorful with rufous on the crown and contrasting grayish blue upperparts and white underparts with black stripes. They grow up to 35/36 cm. The eyes are black and sharp. They are widely found in open grasslands and sometimes in woods. Red-necked Falcons are found hunting in pairs – cooperative hunting that is. Falcons are found to using their beak to kill the prey, unlike eagles, hawks, and ospreys which use their feet.  They have a sharp ki ki ki call.

Take a look at Red Necked Falcon!

Raptors: Red Necked Falcon Front. Tal Chhapar, Rajasthan, India.

  • Species name: Red-necked Falcon, Falco Chiquera
  • Place of shoot: Tal Chhapar, Rajasthan
  • Season: November 2015