Birds, Backpack and Camera

I remember as a child, my dad encouraged me to listen to the ‘tuck tuck’ of the woodpecker in our backyard. Walking with centipedes, sailing paper boats, listening to crocks of frogs during monsoon, and of course the wake up call by cheery birds that visited our garden was then, a part of everyday life. Then, I guess life went on a commercial break!

With no goal or destiny, I began to venture into woods a few years back. What began as a cathartic experience is now sculpting me slowly. And what keeps me going is the discovery of life, in and out.

Well, I am turning into an empty vase, having an affair with the unknown. From the place venturing into woods, to watching birds, my interest is expanding to trees, flowers, butterflies and many other species. … For I am in awe for the boundless beauty of nature. This place will be a record of my memories of walks, clicks and escapes.